Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Angry Little Lion

This costume isn't too bad.


It's getting kind of warm in here.

Get me out of this lion suit.

Last year, Sam was transformed into a cuddly little fish on Halloween. This year he became a disgruntled lion. Happy Halloween!


Vojtech said...

Tento lvíček je opravdu hodně zuřivý. A jak řve !Je slyšet až v Napajedlích:)

Lor said...

Why are you torturing my little nephew? Don't make me take him away from you!!

Lor said...

He's a cute lion tho, even when he's freaking out.

Erin said...

Such a cute lion!! Love the costume!!

Anonymous said...

Kde je obrazek rvouciho lva na Halloween? Slysel jsem ze to tam Samikovi moc slusi a fotka zmizela... Ma moc hezky kostym, pristi rok bude princ (kdyz mate doma toho draka :) )?