Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Language Update

As you all know, Sam is exposed to three languages on a daily basis and his vocabulary is a mix of all of them (Czespanglish). We assumed he thought it was one big language until today when we were reading together in his room. We had just read several books in English when he pulled out a book of Czech riddles. Instead of giving me the book to read he ran to the top of the stairs and called for his "Tata". Above is a picture of the two of them reading his book on the staircase. I guess he doesn't like Mama's Czech as much as Tata's.


Vojtech said...

Tak si myslím, že má tátu zafixovaného na češtinu a mamku na angličtinu. Tak je to podle expertů dobře a Samík to asi ví. To je paráda! Tvoje čeština Karolinko je nicméně velmi pěkná a roztomilá:)

Lor said...

WOw, he's a smart cookie.