Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at the Cosimo residence is typically loud and chaotic and that is just how Sammy likes it. Sam loved opening gifts and saying "wow" before he even knew what it was. Unfortunately, he wanted to open everyone else's gifts too.

Sam waits "patiently" for Mommy to free his truck from the box.

A proud Abuela with her four grandchildren and greatgrandchild. Abuela is off to Argentina for four months today and Sam and I are going to miss her a lot.

Sam monkeys around.

Sam helps Abuela open her gifts.

A mug with Sammy's face on it for Abuela's cafe con leche.

Grumpy (who Sammy now calls Carlos) and Dan inspect Sam's truck.

Checking on the food.

Definitely Sam's favourite toy this Christmas.

More presents.

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Vojtech said...

To bylo veselo a ta radost z dárečků! Chce to čas a Samík si postupně vybere své oblíbené, je toho mooooc, každý chce udělat radost:))))