Saturday, December 22, 2007

Let Sam Entertain You!




Even an ear infection can't stop Sam, thank you Robbie Williams for the tune. Sam loves his music, he can now imitate guitar and I am working on drums... soon he'll be just like his father...Way to go Sam! Happy Holidays to everyone!


Vojtech said...

Sammy thank you , this is a great entertainment, everybody here would like to dance and play with you:)

Lor said...

I love watching Sam's air guitar. he's already all boy, isn't he?

Pavlina said...

Samicek je skvely parmen. Emicka sice jeste tak nepari, ale se sicherheizkou taky pekne zapasi. Hezke Vanoce preji Sindovi

Erin said...

Rock on Sammy!!

Lewis/Xoyon Family said...

The air guitar is a classic move - I can't believe he's already mastered it. Sophia will be more than impressed with those moves Sam.