Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Greetings from Mendoza, Argentina

I´ll try to post pictures tomorrow but I thought I´d do a quick update. After taking the night bus from Cordoba (a bus with beds and surprisingly comfortable) we are here in Mendoza the place of Nanny and Carlos´ birth. Sam was ecstatic to see his Abuela again and was very impressed by the view of the Andes and Tia Vicente´s vineyard (they have two horses). We miss you Tata!


Vojtech said...

This must be great fo Sammy to see
horses and all other animals. He will tell his tata everything about his experience when is back:)

Michal said...

I miss you too guys. Enjoy the time with your family (and horses :)), give Sam a big kiss and tell him Tata misses him like crazy.
I love you Misa