Monday, April 28, 2008

Last Argentina Pictures

Abuela with sister Vicente (grandmother of the bride) at the wedding.
The house where Nanny was born. Sam with a backpack full of autitos (little cars).
The vineyard in Tupungato.

The gang at Tia Vicente's (from left Julieta, Juan Benito & Gustavo).
Abuela among her remaining siblings (from left: Elvira, Orlando, Abuela, Vicente, Teresita, Petronila).
Leaving the wedding with sleeping Sam and a farewell to Mariana.
The happy couple.
A shot from the wedding with Anita, mother of the bride.

Sunday lunch (actually we ate all day) with Tia Nanina and family.
Abuela turns 80 and celebrates with her family!
Abuela with a group of her neices.


Vojtech said...

Incerdible! So many women around Abuela, they are so much alike! Especially sisters and brother!
And Abuela looks so nice ! And one blue eyes little boy is also beautiful:) Hallo everybody there !

Erin said...

I think Sam looks like Carolyn (well, a mix of your both), but in these photos his blond hair makes him look so unique!

I've enjoyed seeing all the pictures from your trip. Thanks for sharing!