Sunday, April 06, 2008

Some Pictures from Cordoba

Sightseeing in downtown Cordoba.

Keeping Sam busy with a lollipop (or leepopop as he likes to call it).

Enjoying one of the many fountains and squares in Cordoba.

More sightseeing...

Cousin Enzo plays classic rock on the guitar for us.

Here is Sam and Nanny on the first of the three flights we had. Although Sammy did not have a seat booked on any of the flights, we lucked out with extra seats on the first two plane rides. The longest flight was 10 hours and Sam had two seats to himself to stretch out and sleep.
Here is Sam with Abuelo (his great-grandfather). He loves taking Abuelo´s cane and using it to play hockey in the backyard.

Walking in front of the hotel.

Watching Tio Alfredo (uncle) making asado (Argentinian barbecue).

Sitting with Tia Patricia (aunt).


Erin said...

So glad you were lucky with the flights!

Pavlina said...

Very nice pictures.Have a great time and kiss Sammy from Emicka.Pa,pa Sindovi

Vojtech said...

Thank you for very quick pictures. We are glad that you have arrived OK. So enjoy ! babas