Thursday, April 10, 2008

Update from Mendoza

Well, we arrived safe and sound in Mendoza. We took an overnight bus that had wonderful seats that reclined into beds. Definitely a comfortable way to travel. Sam was pretty impressed that we were going on the ¨big bus¨and we would go ¨nonny¨and then see Abuela in the morning. In fact he repeated this most of the evening before getting on the bus. Then he slept really peacefully and hogged most of Mommy´s chair. When he woke up the next morning, the first thing he said was "Abuela". He´s a smart little boy. We were picked up by my mother´s cousin Anita and her husband Miguel at 7am in the morning. Then we were taken directly to my Abuela who lives with her sister Tia Vicenta at the farm. Sam´s favorite part so far has been the "Horshies" which he demands to be taken to at least 40x per day. Here are a few pictures.

Sam is happy to be with his Abuela. And his Abuela is thrilled to have Sam back.
Visiting the "horshies"
Exploring the vineyard.
Meeting cousin Mariana for the first time. Happy Cousins reunited.


Vojtech said...

Beautiful girls! And bautiful Abuela! Hi!! Nice to see you again Mariana:))))

Lewis/Xoyon Family said...

I am so happy your trip is going well - what a wonderful experience for Sam. We miss you guys but we'll see you soon. Please give everyone down there a hug and kiss for me and tell Mariana how happy we are for her.

Mara*Maki*Ondra said...

Nice to see how beautiful times you have in Argentina, I hope that Misa will have also opportunity to go there with you once. Please give greetings to Mariana and that I am happy for her :). Marek