Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Lukas Terka Letadlo"

Sammy has had a tough week, Lukas and Terka are back in CZ and mommy is working part-time (although he does enjoy getting spoiled by Abuela and Nanny). On Saturday he was furious when he realized he wasn't going on the airplane with Lukas and Terka and cried the whole way home from the airport. Today he was a lot better and seemed to be fully adjusted to all the changes. Thank you Lukas and Terka for the thousand or so great photos you took of Sam while you were here (see above) and also for Sam's incredible Czech vocabulary - every morning and evening he has great conversations with Tata in the native language. And a special thanks goes out to Abuela and Nanny for taking such good care of Sam while mommy works, we're lucky to have you.

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Anonymous said...

We thak You for so wonderful holiday. Miss you all a lot and so much looking forward to see you again at Xmas.

Lukas & Terka