Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sammy and Zenaida sitting in a tree...K I S S I N G

Seems Sophia might have some competition where Sammy is concerned. Though as his Unbiased Tia, I'm not a bit surprised, seeing how charming and goodlooking he is.
Last night while Tia was at a baptism course with Alvin, Vicky and her future godson Adam. Sam came over to keep Zenaida company, closely supervised by Mommy and Tata of course.

Sam and Z - posing for the camera.
Oooh, kissing for the camera.
A nice peck on the cheek.
And of course not to be forgotten, Baby Adam. Who's getting to be very big!!

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Vojtech said...

Hi Sam, it is very nice to see so many good friends around you ! You are a happy young man!!