Monday, August 04, 2008

Wonderful weekend at the cottage

Last long weekend was one amazing weekend spent at the cottage. We had so much fun! If only the weather had been better...
As you can see, we enjoyed swimming (only until we spotted huge snapping turtle), rowing, playing games, sitting and staring in the fire and most importantly eating a LOT :-)
Thanks to Luci and Iso for babysitting Sam, you guys did great job as always.
Tonight, Raquel and Atilio are on their way home to Argentina, thanks guys for coming to Canada, we had a lot of fun with you. We'll see you in Argentina one day!


Jarka&Mira&Marek said...

So Sammy now you know how to drive a trctor, a boat...what's coming next:o)

Vojtech said...

We can see it was really something. We do remeber this place and are glad that the cottage remains such a good place for you all to meet and have a good time!