Monday, September 29, 2008

Tata's Name Day

Today is Tata's name day so I thought I'd post a couple of recent pictures. We love you moc Tata!
Mommy before her morning coffee.
Mommy's matching cuties at the 360 Restaurant.
Sam napping in the family room on the sofa.
Helping Mommy make french toast.

Sammy at the zoo. Family picture downtown.


Erin said...

love the matching shirts!

Vojtech said...

Tak ještě jednou vše nej! Hlavně zdraví a ostatní máš, jak vidět z obrázků:)

Lor said...

OH Sammy is so sweet on the sleeping on the couch picture. And I love the matching shirts boys, nice. :)

Tia Ronena

Mara*Maki*Ondra said...

Vsechno krasne Miso!

Anonymous said...

I love Sammy any time, but I realy love him sleeping, I don't know how can you love something so small, so much, the way I love muy grandson, love nanny

Meghan said...

Happy belated name day Misa! I guess it would have been Mike's name day too....I didn't even get him a gift!

Jarka&Mira&Marek said...

Taky ti přejeme všechno nej, Míšo