Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Our twins face to face again

This is our girl facing the camera

And our boy in profile :

Everything is going really well, babies are doing so great Carolyn doesn't have to go for checkups every two weeks... We're so happy!
Miminka se mají v bříšku moc dobře, skvěle rostou a jsou zdravá, až tak, že Carolyn nemusí chodit každé dva týdny na ultrazvuk. Máme potvrzeno na 100 procent, že to je kluk a holka.


Vojtech said...

Máme radost, gratulujeme!
We are so pleased, congratulations

Pavlina said...

That´s great. Congratulations. Carolyn can finally start buying little pink dresses and cute girly stuff. And of course some cute boys stuff. We are glad that everything is fine and the babies as well as their mum are doing well. Take care and a big kiss and a hug from Emicka and her parents.

Erin said...

so glad all is going well!!

Lor said...

I'm so excited...can't wait til I can hold my newest Neice and Nephew. And most likely help with diapers and laundry, and play with Sam and give Mommy a break so she can sleep...so much to do.

Jarka+Mira+Marek said...

Glad to hear everything is going so great, keeping our fingers crossed for the babies to be good sleepers. Can't wait to see the real faces already!