Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saturday with Andrew and family

We spent great day with Andrew, Clare and Dan on Saturday. Andrew and Sam had a lot of fun, playing the whole day and everybody enjoyed the most beautiful spring day so far. Here are some pictures documenting just that.

All the boys together.

Sydney chasing the tennis ball. We lost 3 of them. Next time have to bring a case.

Pregnant, beautiful ... holding beer... nice :)

Tree house was a big hit. Although it wasn't attached to a tree, we still call it a tree house.

Ladies enjoying rare moments without their little ones, they look great, don't they?

Father and son, Andrew and Dan.

Sam was pushing even he didn't have to... he just loves pushing.

I love Andrew's face on this one.

Guys, what about seat belts?

Yes, you can't take too many pics of the jeep ride. It was awesome.

Playing together with trains, trucks and cars.

Nice smile.

Tata and Andrew.


Vojtech said...

Nice to see Claire, Dan and Andrew again. It is a happy family as we can see :) And Andrew is spitting image of his father with very nice doe like eyes.
All the best from Zdena and Vojta!

Carolyn said...

That was not my beer, I was holding it while the guys worked.

Vojtech said...

Kdo si to dovolil Tě tak pomluvit?:) Neboj, my jsme tomu ani na vteřinku nevěřili.
Míšo, omluvit se a být hodný :))