Monday, June 29, 2009

Talking to the Belly

Here's a video that I meant to post ages ago. It was taking in April and shows Sam's impatience to meet his baby brother and sister.


Vojtech said...

It´s coming every minutes Sammy, we are also impatient but must wait, everything has its time:)

DaveMegMom said...

Wow! You did really, really good. That's almost 13 pounds of baby, and you are not a big person! I am so impressed. Sammy is just a doll and the twins are beautiful. Lorena's friend, Esther xo

DaveMegMom said...

I'm confused with this comment section. This may be a duplicate of my message, BUT...just wanted to say that you are amazing to have carried almost 13 lbs of baby with such a petite frame! Sammy is wonderful to watch grow up, and the twins are totally adorable. Good work! Lorena's friend, Esther xo