Sunday, July 05, 2009

Baby X 2 = Lots of Love and Lots of Work..

Gabriel and Grumpy...

Maddy getting her diaper changed, she's not impressed.

Nanny and her two bundles of joy.
Mommy and Maddy, just before eating...
Good news: Babies and Mommy go home today! Yay! Everyone is doing well, though last night they didn't let Mommy and Daddy get much sleep. Hopefully tonight will be a bit better in their house.


nancy said...

i am transfixed by oyur blog-------love these children with all oyur heart----nancy

Vicky said...

They are beautiful. I can't wait to see them in person.

See you when we get back from Montreal.

Vojtech said...

Thank you for your pictures - what a nice and big family you are now!!
It´s surprising you are already going home, so soon, well, home is home and babies will appreciate it, we believe :) Good luck to you all!!!
happy Grandma and Grandpa and God bless you says Great-grandpa