Monday, July 13, 2009

Family of Five!

I have about 10 minutes before I need to start feeding again so I thought I'd finally post some pictures from the last week or so. As you know, Friday, July 3rd, Tata, Sammy and I welcomed Magdalena Luz and Gabriel Domingo into our family. It's been a hectic week with two newborns and one 3 year old but we are all doing great. The twins couldn't ask for a more loving older brother whose face lights up every morning when he sees them or every time they make a sound.

After a bath.
Cuddling with Nanny and Grumpy.

Sam bonds with his brother.

Tia Nerina, Isobela and Tia Mirtha visit and there is plenty of baby for everyone.

Taking a break.

After their first bath (Gabriel on the left, Magdalena right)

Who do you kiss first?

Sammy visiting Mommy and the twins.

Gabriel Domingo

Tia Gladys and Uncle Dan visit.

Magdalena Luz

Alert Gabriel and sleeping Magdalena.

Tata holding babies in the operating room.

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Vojtech said...

Míšo, jsi skvělý i jako porodník, moc Ti to sekne, apartní klobouček, hodíš se ke svým potomkům:)
Děkujeme za obrázky!