Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Quick Note From Mommy

I just wanted to thank everyone for all their love and support, we are overwhelmed by all the messages of love from everyone. The five of us are doing well. Sam is doing his best to adjust to "sharing" Tata and Mommy with his brother and sister and thinks they are just adorable. Magdalena Luz and Gabriel Domingo are a joy to nurse, they are good eaters and thus far calm and patient babies. Last night Tata and I actually managed to sleep a little better now that the babies are on a bit more of a feeding schedule although we are still a long way from feeling rested. I am also recovering well from the C-section and hope to be back to my energetic self in a week or so.

I would like to thank Tia Lorena for keeping everyone posted with pictures and information. I'd like to thank Grumpy and Nanny and Abuela for taking such good care of Sam and feeding us and spoiling us so much over the past week and we know for months to come. And a special thank you to Babi and Deda for sending us so much love and support from overseas. Thank you to all the offers of help from everyone - the twins are looking forward to meeting you all!

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Vojtech said...

Dear Carolyn, dear daughter,the world is small and yet so large for us now. Pity that we cannot embrace you now, we would wish so much have you in our arms..Take care !! Must thank to all members of your family, you are unbelievable, we love you!