Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random Pictures from the last week

We certainly have been busy the last two weeks. With the babies nursing every 2 hours and being more and more alert, there is barely a moments' peace in the Ruzicka household. Tata is now back at work and Nanny, Grumpy and Abuela are helping us out.
Sammy never took to a soother but this time we really must insist the twins use them. Gabriel loves it but Magdalena usually just spits hers out.
Sammy and Tata playing with the babies.

No room for Mommy and Tata in the bed when Sammy joins us in the morning.

Tata's girl.
Nanny comforts Magdalena.

This might be the only family photo we've managed to get.

Two babies, two car seats. Going out takes major planning and organization and one hour of feeding and changing.

Magdalena and Gabriel are both gaining weight very rapidly but Gabriel is still bigger than his petite sister.

Almost family photo - Gabriel had just finished nursing and Magdalena was sleeping.

Learing to share at such a young age.


Lor said...

OH I wish I could come and help more. :( Stupid work, keeping me away. I adore my two nephews and my neice, I love them a TON! And Mommy you're doing an amazing job! Its not easy and you make it look easy. Well not so much manageable. And don't worry, I know this is probably a TON HARDER than I could ever imagine.

Vojtech said...

Lor said everything , we couldn´t have expressed this better .
You are wonderful family of five, we love you!
babi + deda

Jarka+Mira+Marek said...

It might be just a picture coincidence but to me Magdalenka looks like Sammy when he was tiny :o) and I must say that the babies are just more and more beautiful. Carolyn, you are doing just great! It'll be better soon, I'm sure of it.