Monday, August 31, 2009

Can you Handle the Cuteness?

Beautiful chubby thights. Nice to kiss.

That's the face of Mr. Chubbinski

That Ms. Chubbs, she's got cheeks of her own to show off.

Pretty girl.

Two lovely ladies.
And not to forget Sam!
Who's cuteness is legendary.
The cute factor just keeps increasing!


Jarka+Mira+Marek said...

I think that Mr. Chubbinski and Ms. Chubbs are just adorable. :o)))
I love the nicknames. So funny!!!

Vojtech said...

A my česky řekneme " baculáčci ", a to jsou teda moc pěkní baculíni:) A Samík taky samozřejmě!
In Czech we say "baculáčci"
and they are very nice ones, including Sammy of course!