Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Catching Up - pics from the last few weeks!

Looking at each other during tummy time instead of at the lights in front of them.
Tia Mirtha always has the touch with fussy babies.

Pretty girl.
Out for a walk in Unionville.

Isobela holding Gabriel.
Magdalena has bright blue eyes like big bro Sammy but we're not sure where the reddish hair comes from.

Yesterday Magdalena weighed in at the doctor's office at 4.4kg or 9lbs 11oz. This picture is a little older but she is getting very big.

Gabriel now weighs 5kg and 11lbs - no wonder, he eats constantly!

Sam and Tata enjoy a nap in the backyard.

Sammy has the longest eyelashes ever!

Mommy gets a break from the constant nursing!

A visit to Zenaida and Adam's house.

Sam and Zenaida enjoying the pool.

One of the many side-by-side shots.


Lor said...

I love the tummy time picture, it looks like they are looking at each other as if saying "How did we get in this position? And how do we turn over?"
I also love Sam's eyelashes. :) He's beautiful. I love all the babies.

Anonymous said...

We love them, too. Can´t wait to see them in person!