Monday, August 24, 2009

The Ruzicka's Visit Bolton

Babies arriving in Bolton.
Sam and Tata in the backyard.

Sam's an old pro at holding babies, he can hold both now. :)

And he loves it.
Magdalena looks spiffy in jeans.

Justin, Sam, Tata and Angel hanging out.

Justine holding the twins.
Hanging out with Magdalena.
Holding Gabriel.
Gabriel in his spiffy jeans.

Gabriel and a baby photo of Sam. Do you see a resemblance? Nice smile on Gabriel, that's the first one I've ever seen.
Angel smelling Gabriel, to see if he's tasty to eat. :(

Auntie G loves babies.

1 comment:

Vojtech said...

Yes we can see a resemblance where we have not seen it earlier:) All three kids have so much in common ! Naturally..