Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tia Helping out with Blogging...

In an effort to help out Mommy and Tata, Tia thought she'd blog pics from Nanny's camera...

OOH, who has chubbier cheeks? Grumpy or Gabriel... or speaking of which, who looks grumpier?
Maddy on her new borrowed swing, Thanks Tia Vicky...
Mr. Chubby Cheeks likes the swing too.
Always pretty in pink, I think 90% of her clothes is pink in colour.

Apparently Grumpy's belly is a great place for a nap. :)
Good lord, check out the cheeks. I think they may have their own solar system.

Yup, Grumpy is very boring...he puts babies to sleep.
Nanny and her little granddaughter. Cuteness.
Seriously, does he have a permit for those cheeks. They mean business!


Meghan said...

Great pics Lor! And I agree, those are incredible cheeks!

Vojtech said...

Your commentary and Gabriel´s cheeks made us smile, Lor:)He is a real chap and Magdalena is a princess. Our holidays are over and now next to look forward are Xmas and a visit in Canada! Jupííí