Thursday, October 08, 2009

Busy Few Weeks

Bright-eyed beauty.
Sammy in skates.

Sammy and Magdalena have the same colour eyes.


"I Love My Grandma"

Sleeping princess.

Abuela loves cuddling her babies.

Sammy and Andrew.

Yummy pear from Tia Mirtha's garden.

The boys and girl at Tia Clare and Dan's house.

Sammy and Andrew playing at Andrew's house.

Tia Clare cuddled with Magdalena.

Gabriel may look serious but is quick to smile.

Sammy can be a little rough but he loves cuddling or chilling with his brother and sister.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy. Sammy started skating lessons and nursery school (now he's home sick with the flu) and the babies are now 3 months old and lots of fun (and work). Magdalena now sleeps through the night (hope I didn't just jinx that) and Gabriel continues to eat every chance he gets! However, now that the babies are older, there are plenty of giggles (especially Magdalena) and plenty of noise (Gabriel in particular is quite a chatterbox).

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Vojtech said...

Good luck at scating lessons Sammy , and also we wish you the flu is soon over and you can play with your siblings again:)