Monday, November 16, 2009

4 Months Old

Last week Gabriel and Magdalena had their 4 month check ups. They are both 63cm long, Gabriel weighs 17.5lbs (7.8kg) and Magdalena weights 14.5lbs (6.5kg). Both babies continue to be happy and healthy.


Jarka+Mira+Marek said...

Soif I count right that makes over 14kgs to carry around all together :o) Wow, and they are only 4 months old. You are doing a great job, really.

Lor said...

I'm impressed that you got them all in one shot. And Sam smiling too. Good stuff.

Vojtech said...

Congratulations! Three healthy and beautiful kids, keep going like this, we are your great fans!Sorry that we are so far away from you to help you..