Thursday, January 14, 2010

6 Month Update & Thank You

Firstly, thanks Nanny for spending another week of your "vacation" changing diapers and taking care of your grandchildren - we really,really appreciate it.

Today the babies had their 6 month check ups with the doctor. Magdalena is now just over 16lbs (7.33 kg) and 67cm tall and Gabriel is over 19lbs (8.86 kg) and 69cm tall. Both babes are doing very well and must be two of the happiest babies ever.

This last half a year has really flown by in retrospect, considering we didn't know how we would survive the first week! Our thanks goes out to our families and friends for all their help (in many ways, big and small) with the twins and Sammy. Our children are very fortunate to be loved by so many people and we thank you for helping Misa and I get through a very overwhelming and exhausting time of our lives.

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Vojtech said...

We´d wish to be near at hand whenever you need the help ( almost constantly):))
Thanks God the children are healthy and happy. Good job -especialy thanks to Carolyn and Misa.