Friday, January 22, 2010

Ordinary Week

A typical day around here can get pretty crazy and hectic and it's not easy to keep up with these monkeys much less take pictures of them. I made a special effor this last week to capture more pictures of them because my babies and little man are growing up way too fast.

Sitting pretty.

Look at those eyes!

My smiling babies.

Look at that sweet face.

Sam gives his sharks and killer whale a bath.

Tata and Sammy try to make time weekly to play a little hockey and practice skating on the pond behind the house.

Sam is thrilled to "help" me feed solids to his brother and sister.

There is no better entertainment then a big brother. Sam has the babies giggling all day long!

Abuela stays with us during the week to help out, thank goodness. We make sure though she takes it easy as soon as Tata gets home.

Tata takes over with the kids after work!

Gabriel and Magdalena love to play with their toys, especially now that they can sit with the support of a few pillows, although Magdalena still prefers the bumbo seat.

Sam is going through a dragon, dinosaur and Spiderman phase.

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Vojtech said...

We look at these pictures and feel like being there with you! They are growing up very fast indeed, we can compare with Vojtisek, he is the same here, all babies are very sweet, especially for grandparents, who can help but do not have to stay with these little monkeys all day long:)