Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Day!

Here's how we spent family day (for you Czechs and Argentinians - it's a new holiday here in Canada) - a relatively relaxing afternoon at Nanny's, a long walk and eating out in the evening. Family day started with these three smiling faces in our bed very early in the morning.

Our pretty girl.
Sammy cuddles his little "princess".

The "twins" - Gabriel and Grumpy.

After his walk, Gabriel was sporting a spiky hair style.

These monkeys love to play with big brother Sammy.
Gabriel and Magdalena don't mind the playpen as long as they are together, they hate being in there on their own.

The "where's Sammy?" game.

Magdalena looking at Tata very sweetly.

Gabriel super excited to be out of the house.

Abuela and Grumpy waiting for their food.

Mommy about to get a kiss from Sammy.

Nanny cuddles Sammy.

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Vojtech said...

That is the right way how this holiday should be spent ! The whole family together:)