Sunday, April 18, 2010


Now that the twins are mobile, we've never been this busy...

Tata has his hands full the moment he gets home for work as all the kids want his attention.

Madli loves to cuddle and be held.

Gabriel thinks he's Sam's age and loves to play with his "big" boy toys. Here they are playing dinosaurs together.

The twins are fascinated by the gate that seals off the kitchen and family room and are always trying to get through it.

Madli crawls through the trail of toys left by her brother .

Everything has to be locked up because of this little cutie.

Madlenka picking out her toys.
Don't let that angelic face fool you, Gabriel is trouble!

A rare picture of just Mommy and Tata.


Vojtech said...

We believe you are very busy every simple day. I personaly do not know if I would last this one simple day:) You have our admiration . What matters most are happy children and we can see, that they really are happy in this nice family. So keep going :))

Lor said...

I love the expression on Misa's face. I bet you both feel like that most of the time!