Sunday, May 09, 2010

Celebrating Sam!

Zenaida has a go at the pinata.
Mommy and Tata kiss under the cherry tree.

Tia Gladys kisses Gabriel under the cherry tree.
Sam finishes off the pinata.

The girls.
Grumpy and his bbq.

Madli cuddling Uncle Mike.

The kids.

Sammy enjoying his new power tools.

The twins trying to get to the kitchen.

We got Sam a scooter for his birthday and he was trying it out before his party.

A great family shot of Andrew and parents (Andrew and Sam were "helping" out in the garden).

Tia Lorena made Sam a Tyrannosaurus cake. Thanks Tia, it was delicious.

Sammy opening gifts from Nanny, Grumpy and Abuela.

Nanny hugs Sammy and Madli.

Last few weeks have been pretty busy so now I'm trying to catch up on some of our pictures. The above are from Sammy's birthday last Saturday.

1 comment:

Vojtech said...

Sammy looks already like a big boy, he can ride a scooter, wow!
Once again all the best, Samiku :)