Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Gabriel & Magdalena!

Tomorrow is the twins first birthday and I can not believe how quickly their first year went by.  We can not imagine our family without them and we embrace the house full of toys, the constant noise, the 10-15 diaper changes a day, the many loads of laundry daily, the baby food all over my kitchen and all the hugs, kisses, giggles, cuddles and constant joy these little people bring.  Although this has been the most challenging and exhausting year of our lives, it has also been the happiest!  Thank you to everyone for their help and support and most importantly we could not have managed without Nanny, Grumpy and Abuela who it seems at times practically lived at our house over the past year.  Thank you Sam for sharing your toys, giving up your room and being a great big brother! 
Happy birthday Madli - you are the sweetest and prettiest girl in the world and you amaze us with your constant smiles and giggles!
Happy birthday to our cuddly Gabrielito - you are an amazing hugger and we love that you are so tough and so independant (and definitely the loudest one in the house).  You are such a funny little guy!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Gabriel and Magdalena.
Love Abuela, grumpy and abuela

Erin said...

Happy first birthday!! Happy birth day to mommy & daddy!

Anonymous said...

Krásné první narozeniny, utíká to , je krásné sledovat alespoň na obrázcích jak rostete, Magdalenko a Gabrieli , a měníte se :)
babi a děda